Tilal Swaihan EXPERIENCE
10 & 11 February 2024

The Fun Drive was conceptualised in 1986 with a view to giving people a taste of the magnificence of the desert. To most residents the desert, though all around, was unknown yet intriguing and few ventured out into it. Gulf News provided the necessary impetus and know-how and the first Fun Drive took place, with just 75 vehicles. And year by year the desert beckoned and more and more people joined in.

The Fun Drive is not a rally or a race, it is just a weekend event of excitement and adventure of what comes next, to the challenge of driving in the dunes and the togetherness and camaraderie of the stay at the camp and the drive with over 750 vehicles.

And all this is undertaken with enthusiasm and an assurance that everything from the drive itself to all the amenities are taken care of meticulously.

Perhaps, these are some of the reasons that the Fun Drive attracts participants year in and year out, quite a few of them having participated over 30 times and more!